Training Workshops

Proofreading for Designers


Direct contact between graphic design and editing professionals is conducive to the accomplishment of their respective tasks. The project’s ultimate success hinges on the dialectics between them: where one falls shorts, the other excels, perfectly complementing one another.

And what if we were to leverage the greatest strength of each party to achieve an outstanding result?

What does it entail?

In this workshop we reveal the secrets of correct typography in the work of design professionals. For example, in the design and layout of a book or a magazine, a leaflet, a product label, etc.

  • We introduce the basic notions of typography (use of inverted commas, hyphens, capitalisation, signs and symbols, etc.).
  • We discuss the most common queries.
  • We analyse real case studies in the realm of graphic design, publishing and products, taking typography and design into account.
  • We examine the most common problems and their possible solutions.
Service aimed at SMEs and freelance professionals in particular.

Do you wish to organise this workshop in your establishment or organisation?

Aimed at professionals and/or students of design and the graphic arts (given in educational establishments, companies and similar organisations).